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On the 14th April 2015, the ‘Cruise Casino Regulations’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Regulations’) which are present in Subsidiary Legislation 400.03 of the Laws of Malta were put into effect as a result of Legal Notice 132 of 2015. The purpose for introducing these Regulations was to regulate casino operations on board cruise ships, which are either berthed in Malta or which are located within its territorial waters. The Malta Gaming Authority (the ‘Authority’) is to ensure that there is fair play in accordance with the Authority’s established fundamental principles and to safeguard the interests of the Maltese Gaming Industry as well as the interests of the passengers.

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Cyprus (EU) Citizenship by Investment Guide


  • All nationalities are eligible to apply;
  • Investment as low as €2.5 million (as per the collective scheme);
  • Fast-track procedure allowing for direct gaining of citizenship within three months;
  • No physical residence requirement before, during or after the approval of the citizenship application;
  • No language requirements;
  • No medical tests;
  • No interview;
  • No obligation to dispose of current nationality;
  • Citizenship granted to the spouse of the investor and to the financially dependent adult children up to the age of 28 and are in full time higher education;
  • The investment must be retained for a period of 3 years after which the investor is free to dispose of it however, the investor must hold a privately-owned residence in the Republic of Cyprus of at least €500,000 lifelong;
  • Citizenship is passed on by descent subsequently offering a legacy to future generations of the investor and family;
  • Cyprus passport holders can quickly and cost effectively obtain visas for USA for 10 years.

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Feature in IP Pro Annual Magazine on Collecting Societies

Keeping up with the changes.

What will the EU’s Collecting Management of Copyright and Multi-Territorial Licensing Directive mean for collecting societies in the EU?

The internet has changed the shape of the entire world. In some areas, such as communications,telecommunications and advertising,the impact was imminently discernible. In other
areas, however, a more conservative path has been taken. Nonetheless, the change is irresistible, and it has found collecting societies.
Collecting societies became an indispensable intermediary for rights holders in the music industry and users of such rights. Their core task was to protect the interests of rights holders so that users could not exploit them without providing for some consideration.
Their function includes three main obligations: licensing, monitoring, and ensuring payment of royalties by users and their distribution.

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Legal 500 – 2015 Ranking: “Extremely responsive and client orientated”

Legal 500 – 2015 Ranking

Our Law Firm continues strengthening its positions in the annual international Legal 500: Europe, Middle East & Africa rating.

We are proud to be considered as: ‘extremely responsive and client orientated’ providing ‘top-notch legal advice’ in relation to our main area of practice, Corporate and M&A.

For Litigation & Dispute Resolution we are considered to be the: ‘best and most creative teams in the region’

Due to our work and dedicated service provided to our clients in the practice area of Maritime and Admiralty we have improved our ranking to Tier 2 this year.

In other legal practice areas we maintain our high level position.

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Private Aircraft Leasing Scheme 2015

The Cyprus Private Aircraft Leasing Scheme:
Cyprus is now the most attractive jurisdiction with reduced VAT rate to as low as 4,37%

The new guidelines issued by the Cypriot VAT authorities with regards to the registration of private aircraft, make Cyprus the most attractive jurisdiction in the European Union (EU) in this area, reducing the effective VAT rate for private aircraft registration to as low as 4,37%, through the use of the “Private Aircraft Leasing Scheme”.

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Copyright in an era of evolution

Christodoulos G. Vassiliades and Ourania Vrondou, review the legal framework for copyrights in Europe and the development of innovation encouraging Creative Commons licensing.

They set out to compare the legal framework of copyright protection with the current social trend of fostering innovation; and how the latter is developing in Europe.

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