EU Law and Competition

Our EU Law and Regulatory practice group offers advice on questions on EU law, EU and national competition law, state aid, EU sanctions/ restrictive measures, administrative service providers as well as undertakes commissions for lobbying competent authorities in relation to regulatory and legislative reforms. The team is made up of professionals coming from diverse and varied legal backgrounds, which enables the practice group to use a range of resources, knowledge and skills.

In the area of competition law, we represent clients before the Commission for the Protection of Competition and/ or before the competent Courts of the Republic of Cyprus, in order to assert and/ or defend their rights in antitrust cases, anti-competitive agreements and concerted practices, as well as abuse of dominance cases.

Furthermore, we offer advice on control of concentrations issues, handle merger notifications as well as provide advice on the applicable state aid rules (both EU and national) and deal with notifications for clearance of measures/ schemes to the Cyprus State Aid Commissioner. In addition, the practice group conducts antitrust audits and may provide tailor-made compliance trainings and seminars on antitrust law.

Key Contacts

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