We provide a wide range of immigration services, including but not limited to temporary residence permits, employment visa, family reunification, civil marriages & civil union, permanent residence permits and Cyprus citizenship applications, including the Cyprus Investment Programme.

Cyprus Investment Programme

We provide the most effective application process and have extensive experience in the Cyprus Investment Programme. We reassure you that your application will be prepared and reviewed in the most efficient way, and processed within the provided time frame.

As a member of the European Union, with great accessibility to the rest of the EU, excellent infrastructure and numerous governmental incentives, Cyprus is a strong financial and business centre, which makes the acquisition of Cyprus citizenship appealing to foreign nationals.

The key advantages of investing in Cyprus though the Cyprus Investment Programme are as follows:

  1. Travel freely to more than 150 Countries, including European countries, including Switzerland and United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore
  2. Right of free movement, freedom of work and study and security within the social and legal systems of the European Union
  3. Citizenship can be passed down to future generations
  4. No restrictions of dual citizenship in Cyprus
  5. Access to attractive taxation system, which became even more attractive to high net worth individuals, after the introduction of the non-domicile scheme by the Cyprus Government

We will be able to assist you select the eligible investment or the qualifying real estate if this option is to be chosen for the programme, prepare the citizenship application and submit to the relevant authorities, assist with obtaining the permanent residency permit as required by the Programme and issue the Naturalisation Certificate and subsequently the Cyprus passport and identity card for the main applicant and the family.

Cyprus Permanent Residency

This Scheme provides the investor the opportunity in attaining the permanent residence for indefinite period. We undertake all necessary steps for the most efficient application process and upon completion and submission of the application, we will be monitoring the examination process at the authorities on regular basis and provide you with updates.

Please find below our brochures for a more detailed description of the Cyprus Investment Programme and Cyprus Permanent Residency.

“Become a Global Citizen, Trust our Expertise”

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