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Feature in IP Pro Annual Magazine on Collecting Societies

Keeping up with the changes.

What will the EU’s Collecting Management of Copyright and Multi-Territorial Licensing Directive mean for collecting societies in the EU?

The internet has changed the shape of the entire world. In some areas, such as communications,telecommunications and advertising,the impact was imminently discernible. In other
areas, however, a more conservative path has been taken. Nonetheless, the change is irresistible, and it has found collecting societies.
Collecting societies became an indispensable intermediary for rights holders in the music industry and users of such rights. Their core task was to protect the interests of rights holders so that users could not exploit them without providing for some consideration.
Their function includes three main obligations: licensing, monitoring, and ensuring payment of royalties by users and their distribution.

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May 2014 The Intellectual Property Review (3rd Edition) Cyprus

It is not an overstatement to say that essentially all business is global, and the protection of intellectual property is the lifeblood of all business. The scope and implementation of that protection, however, varies from country to country. It would be ideal if there were one universal set of laws, rules and procedures. But, while the efforts of many dedicated individuals have accomplished much in harmonising intellectual property protection, we remain defined as much by our differences as by what we have in common. It therefore is incumbent on all of us, as advisers to our clients, to be conversant with the individual practices in each of the economically significant countries.

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Trust & Trustees (Vol.20, NO.5),The Cyprus Trust Regime A Trusted Friend

The trust structure is increasingly becoming one of the most valued asset management tools. Accordingly, choosing the appropriate location for the creation of a trust proves vital for appropriate organization of business affairs and ultimately for effective tax optimization. Cyprus is a renowned financial centre, offering multiple opportunities for the setting up and operation of trusts. Trust Law in Cyprus is based on the well-established English principles of equity and trust. Further, our lawmakers have ensured that applicable laws are business-oriented but also ideal for ‘family situations’, modern and easy to comprehend but at the same time can effectively cater for complex needs. Ultimately, the Cyprus trust vehicle ensures the highest degree of asset protection, both nationally and internationally, and offers unrivalled tax advantages, thus achieving wealth optimization for its users. The analysis of the Cyprus Trust Regime that will follow exhibits this reality.

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Legal Focus:Corporate Law

The year 2013 has certainly left its mark on Cyprus. Predominantly, due to the banking crisis which has kept the entire Island and the international community on edge for nearly two weeks, while the Cyprus Government was negotiating vital terms for the Islands survival. Additionally, there have been other legal and regulatory developments in the corporate field, which ought to be observed in the coming year. We shall briefly address just some of them:

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The Trademark Lawyer_Something’s Changing With Tradermarks…

Undeniably, the great budget surplus at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) had sparked a great deal of discussion. Since when money is involved a great deal is usually
at stake, the Council, in 2007, considered it useful to emphasize the need for an overall assessment of the functioning of the trademark system.1 This assessment was carried out by the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law on behalf of the Commission.

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Virtual Round Table_Corporate Tax 2014

In this roundtable we spoke with nine experts from around the world about the latest changes and developments in Corporate Tax. Our chosen experts outline how the tax market is composed in their jurisdiction and discuss important issues such as litigation trends, transfer pricing policies and how to utilise the cloud.

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Legal Focus:Antitrust Cyprus

Competition and Antitrust law is of course an integral part of the business world, ensuring fair competition between competitors and guarding against one company dominating the market, and therefore limiting the choice and variety that the market is offered. To find out about the issues affecting the antitrust sphere at the moment, Lawyer Monthly speaks to Maria H. Kyriacou, a lawyer from the Corporate Department of Christodoulos G. Vassiliades & Co. LLC. She is also the head of the EU and Competition Law Department of the firm.

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Finance Monthly Holding Companies In Cyprus

“Cyprus has an exceptionally advantageous tax system which justifies its reputation as one of the most attractive holding regimes worldwide” Christodoulos G. Vassiliades. Managing Director at Christodoulos G. Vassiliades & Co. LLC, spoke to Finance Monthly to highlight Cyprus’ appeal as a prime jurisdiction for holding companies.

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October 2013_Expert Guide_Recent Tax Developments In Cyprus

Primarily, this article purports to examine the benefits presented by Cyprus’ tax regime. It will further analyse changes to Cyprus laws, voted pursuant to the implementation of the Eurogroup’s decision (taken in March 2013). However, the article seeks to ultimately demonstrate that although legislative modifications have been instigated, Cyprus upholds its much-deserved title as an ‘ideal investor’s destination’.

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