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Private Aircraft Leasing Scheme 2015

The Cyprus Private Aircraft Leasing Scheme:
Cyprus is now the most attractive jurisdiction with reduced VAT rate to as low as 4,37%

The new guidelines issued by the Cypriot VAT authorities with regards to the registration of private aircraft, make Cyprus the most attractive jurisdiction in the European Union (EU) in this area, reducing the effective VAT rate for private aircraft registration to as low as 4,37%, through the use of the “Private Aircraft Leasing Scheme”.

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Copyright in an era of evolution

Christodoulos G. Vassiliades and Ourania Vrondou, review the legal framework for copyrights in Europe and the development of innovation encouraging Creative Commons licensing.

They set out to compare the legal framework of copyright protection with the current social trend of fostering innovation; and how the latter is developing in Europe.

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Cyprus Yacht Leasing Scheme: Regulatory Update April 2015

Special Yacht Scheme

The guidelines issued by the Cypriot VAT authorities with regards to the registration of yachts, simple to comprehend and apply, make Cyprus one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the EU in this area, now reducing the effective VAT rate for yacht registration to as low as 2.42%, through the use of the Yacht Leasing scheme.

This special regime applies to yachts owned by a Cyprus company which are leased to physical or legal persons. The purpose of this scheme is to determine the percentage of time a yacht spends within the EU based on the yacht size and type and apply VAT according to this percentage.

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Interview of the Year: Corporate Law by Christodoulos G. Vassiliades for Lawyer Monthly Magazine

Despite these alarming historical events, Cyprus proved that it has not followed the path everyone was expecting. This new-found positive outlook for Cyprus is attributable to its many advantages, including its status as an ideal financial hub for investors, granting vital access to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Also, as a member of the European Union, Cyprus still holds the benefits associated with this alliance.

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Tonnage Tax Malta

The Merchant Shipping (Taxation and Other Matters relating to Shipping Organisations) Regulations as amended by Legal Notice 83 of 2010 (the “Law”) provides full exemption to Maltese registered vessels owned, chartered or managed by a Maltese Shipping Organization from all income tax due on or in relation to the ownership, operation or management of the said vessel. The Maltese owner, charterer or manager would be liable to pay a pre-established annual “tonnage tax” due to the Authority calculated with reference to the net registered tonnage of the vessel, independent of actual earnings.

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Malta Yacht Leasing Guidelines

Malta offers yacht owners looking to buy a new boat attractive savings on VAT. This scheme is recognised by the EU (since Malta is a full EU member state) and vessels will be ‘EU VAT PAID’ and free to navigate in EU waters without any restrictions. Malta’s shipping registry has grown extensively in the last years and lists some of the most prestigious yachts sailing today. Vassiliades and Co. Malta Limited offers Malta solutions to yachts owners including registration of commercial yachts, VAT-efficient leasing structures and temporary importation procedures.

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CYPRUS HOLDING COMPANY 2015 – The Ultimate Tax Vehicle

Cyprus, by virtue of its exceptionally advantageous tax system, has emerged into one of the most attractive holding regimes worldwide. It offers one of the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU at 10% and ensures compliance with EU requirements as an EU Member State which is also committed to the OECD requirements against harmful tax practice. Featured with a substantial number of Double Tax Treaties with other States and enhanced with one of the most business-friendly legislative frameworks, Cyprus justifies for an ideal holding and investment destination.

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