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  • CHRISTODOULOS G. VASSILIADES & CO. LLC was a proud sponsor of the conference “SHIPPING: AN INDUSTRY OF PASSION, KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIECE- PART TWO” organized by Maravilhosa


On February 2nd 2017, Christodoulos G. Vassiliades & CO. LLC attended the event “Shipping: An Industry of Passion, Knowledge and Experience-Part Two”.

The event was held at The Poseidonia Hotel in Limassol, it was organised by Maravilhosa group and our firm was one of the supporting sponsors.

The panel comprised of six speakers from various areas of the shipping industry, all of whom are key players in the industry and each one, according to his experience, contributing to the successful conduct of the event.

The panel comprised of six key players, all derived from various areas of the shipping industry. Their experience and contribution at the event undoubtedly lead to its success.

Ms. Muriel Matta, a moderator of the event and founder of Maravilhosa, introduced the panelists and went on to talk about the role of culture and leadership in the international industry of shipping.

Mr. Craig Eason, a journalist of the Panel, described his experience as a Seafarer and how he found himself with a career in journalism. He urged the young audience he stood before, to learn about Shipping and encouraged them to gain onboard vessel experience.

Captain Eberhard Koch, having served in leadership positions both at sea and ashore, gave a vivid description of the onboard working conditions. He prompted that young people, discover the shipping industry whilst making extensive reference to the Cyprus Maritime Academy.

Ms. Despina Panayiotou-Theodosiou, spoke of the maritime environment from a woman’s perspective. As the founding President of WISTA Cyprus, she highlighted the dynamic participation of women in the maritime workforce and its positive effects thereby. Her speech focused on the importance of education as well as development and how these two factors are affected by the Shipping Associations.

Mr. Dimitris Fokas, as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, discussed the topic from a more technical aspect. He pointed out that, during his long career in Shipping he had met successful, female seafarers, in positions that had been traditionally held by men.

Mr. Papaminas, a student in Shipping Commerce and Finance, made an enthusiastic presentation of his aspirations in the industry and presented his perception about the opportunities raised in shipping and the passion created when involving in maritime affairs.

Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou, the ex- Director of the Department of Merchant Shipping, who is actively involved in all fields of International Shipping and who has previously been awarded and recognised internationally, encouraged the industry beginners to work in shipping passionately. He also encouraged women to feel equally and join the industry.

Overall, the event was interesting and effective; covering diverse areas of shipping from experienced and freshly entered professionals. The main points highlighted, is that shipping is not addressed only to men but also to women who are equally encouraged to join both at sea or ashore.

Although it is competitive, shipping is a profitable and strong industrial sector which is highly recommended to the young generation.

The attendants participated actively and joyfully. Many young people in the conference took the chance to express their concerns of the industry and whether it can indeed, absorb beginners, given the existent competitiveness and the insecurity created by the global financial crisis. The ambiance was not that of a typical strict seminar but that of a warm, amicable conversation between present and future members of the shipping society and it was enjoyable to watch students engaging and expressing their interest and enthusiasm about shipping.

The event was concluded by a networking cocktail reception during which the audience had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and friendly discussion with the panelists.

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