Company Law & Law of Partnership in the Republic of Cyprus

We are proud to have published the first comprehensive textbook “Company Law & Law of Partnership in the Republic of Cyprus”.

After more than 35 years of experience in practicing corporate law we felt the need to contribute a practical and updated guide to this field. The textbook combines the strict letter of the law with the reality of everyday practice. We consider it to be a comprehensive and indispensable tool, not only for legal practitioners, but to all professionals involved in the corporate, commercial and financial services field.

The book initially addresses the subject of company formation as well as the classification of companies and their significant contribution to commercial development.

Furthermore, it provides a pragmatic approach on the administration and management of companies, and addresses the commercial practice and tendencies on how corporate and commercial relationships are created and maintained. Lastly, it provides for an alternative option in conducting business, by introducing and elaborating on the importance of partnerships, especially in the field of professional services.

This textbook becomes an essential supplement to those interested in practicing or requiring valuable and insightful knowledge of the law in this area.

Author: PETER PAFITIS Barrister at Law
Category: LAW
Publication year: 2016
Dimensions: 20.5 cm x 27 cm
Page number: 858
ISBN: 978-9963-251-56-8

Price: €180

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