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Cyprus & Iran:The gateway to Iranian business

Our long lasting and vast experience in international business consulting enables us to fully understand the needs of your business and contribute towards its success.

This publication concentrates on the business development between Cyprus and Iran in the context of the Double Tax Treaty Agreement signed between the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 4 August 2015.

This, along with strong incentives given by the Cyprus Government with regards to “Cyprus citizenship by investment” scheme is expected to further develop the cooperation potentials of the two contracting states in the upcoming years. Furthermore, we will endeavor to explain the benefits offered by Cyprus and the purposes served by Cypriot companies as Holding, Financing and Intellectual Property companies, as well as the benefits secured through the establishment of an International Cyprus Trust.

This Country Report addresses the following:

  1. Cyprus Tax Benefits
  2. New Treaty between Cyprus and Iran
  3. Cyprus Holding Company
  4. Cyprus Holding Company in International Investment
  5. Cyprus Back -to- Back Financing
  6. National Interest in Cyprus Financing Structures
  7. Cyprus IP Box Regime
  8. Capitals Gains Treatment
  9. Cyprus Shipping: Tonnage Tax Scheme
  10. Cyprus International Trust

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