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GREECE: Permanent Residence Permit for Investors in Real Estate

Law 4251of 2014, also referred to as the Immigration and Social Integration Code, (as amended on 9th July 2015, and hereinafter referred to as the “Law”), provides the opportunity to non- European Union nationals to obtain a permanent residence permit by investing in real estate in Greece.


  • Possibility to stay in Greece continuously for the entire duration of the residence permit and to have access to public health and education, in the same terms and conditions as Greek citizens.
  • Possibility to travel freely within the Schengen area, without a visa, provided that the stay in the said countries does not exceed 90 days per six- month period, with a right to multiple entries, without it being required to enter the Schengen area through Greece.
  • Possibility to lease the real estate property or properties acquired in Greece and receive rent.
  • Possibility to renew the residence permit as many times as the applicant wishes (so long as the conditions required by the Law remain fulfilled) for 5- year periods.
  • Absences from Greece do not impede the possibility for renewal of the residence permit.
  • Possibility to enter into the regimes for long- term residency or acquire the citizenship provided that the specific conditions required by law for accessing those regimes are fulfilled in addition.

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