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Our highlights:

  • The launching of the Yacht Registration Centre Y.R.C
  • Provision of services
  • Awarded for professional achievements
  • New recruits to the Shipping Department

Cyprus Shipping Sector Highlights at a glance:
2015 has been a busy year regarding developments in the shipping sector, aiming towards its modernization and its further development and expansion.

  • Further revision of the Cyprus yacht leasing scheme with the lowest effective VAT rate of 2,42%, being the lowest VAT in Europe;
  • The initiation of new projects for the creation of Marinas;
  • Record breaking revenues from ship management activities;
  • The reelection of Cyprus as a Member of the IMO;
  • The holding of the Cyprus International Maritime Conference, being one of the most well respected and popular shipping conferences worldwide, in Limassol, in September 2015;
  • The application of more tax and other benefits for ship owners, having their vessels registered under the Cyprus flag.
  • The signing of Double Tax Treaties with Ukraine and Iran;

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