Cyprus International Trusts – A Key Instrument for Protecting your Wealth

A Cyprus International Trust is one of the most attractive vehicles for asset and wealth protection. This vehicle is based on the well-established English principles of equity and trusts and

Why UK citizens should look to Greece for post-Brexit residency

Greece has always ranked among the most desirable destinations for British nationals, not only for holidays but also for making this charming place their second home. It’s not a surprise

Greek Golden Visa Program: The most appealing and beneficial residence-by-investment program in Europe

GREEK GOLDEN VISA PROGRAM ranks at the top of the list of the most appealing and beneficial residence-by-investment programs in Europe and this is not a surprise. Besides that Greece is

Greece: Golden Visa Programme

What makes the Greece Golden Visa program so attractive? The Greece Golden Visa program was introduced by the Greek government in 2013 and provides various qualifying options such as investment

Real Estate Contracts and Agreements – Reserved Legal Activity for Practicing Lawyers

On 2nd April 2021, the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus voted in favour of the Bill for the amendment of the Cyprus Advocates Law, Cap 2. The